Calvin Owens

In memory of legendary blues man and conductor of the

The Calvin Owens Blues Orchestra...


Owens' recording credits:

artist and producer for Memphis

Tenn's Kiondict Recording Company.

A & R director and studio musician for

Peacock Recording Company of

Houston, Texas. Arranger for A & M

recording studios in L.A. California and

numerous albums listed below.

Calvin was the arranger, conductor and trumpet soloist on several B.B. King's albums, including “Live in Ole Miss”, B.B. King's “Live in London”-with Owens conducting the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra of London--and B.B. King's 1984 Grammy Award winning album “Jazz n' Blues.”

Owens' arranging and conducting talents have been on the MERV GRIFFIN SHOW, JACK JONES SHOW, AUSTIN CITY LIMITS, and  the TONIGHT SHOW. He recently recorded 6 original compositions for the BELGIAN RADIO & TELEVISION with the
BRT Jazz Orchestra.

“The Maestro”

The Calvin Owens Blues Orchestra

Internationally famous trumpeter, composer and former BB King orchestra conductor, Calvin Owens is seen here with his 12 piece orchestra.

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Calvin Owens chronicles what it was like growing up in "the bottom" breathing the dust of Sawdust Alley--a low income neighborhood near a sawmill in Houston, Texas --to the razor sharp heights of experiences acquired gracing the greatest concert halls and music festivals in the world. Included are personal experiences with some of the world's greatest musicians as orchestra conductor, music director and trumpet soloist for B.B. KING.

Calvin's  provocative accomplishments and multinational body of work validates a legacy of the true genius of this eclectic  blues, jazz,  zydeco, soul and orchestral music phenom.

1929 - 2007

The moment Calvin Owens raised his baton, his identifiable orchestral depth and mastery of multiple genres surprised the novice-- and delighted the enthusiast.  

His trumpet was exquisite--tempered with a identifiable richness of quality and showmanship --precise and lyrical...sometimes gentle, sometimes rugged,

but consistently mesmerizing.  Calvin Owen’s flamboyant creations,

and identifiable  theme are portrayed in each and

every musical note in his albums.

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