Cinnamon the Clown

“Funtymes & Masquerades”

Cinnamon does much more than just “clown around!”

An extremely talented performing artist, Cinnamon has a variety of characters and costumes at her disposal--from a Fairy Princess to an Elf!

Balloon art and face painting are party specialties, which can be easily complimented  by  positive “edutainment” messages such as magical self esteem, anti-drug presentations, etc.  Custom-tailored to suit your event, theme or occasion.


Cinnamon The Clown teaches after school programs, has developed an Anti-Substance Abuse presentation for elementary schools and performs at numerous events. She specializes in storytelling, balloon art, face painting, science and math magic. With an extensive background in radio communications, Cinnamon teaches broadcast communications or balloon art at after-school and  camp programs.

Authors and educators also enjoy the many versatile vocal characterizations she draws upon as an experienced storyteller--offering programs for bookstores, libraries and various recording studio projects.

Excerpt from Rolling Out Magazine, May 2007:

Clowns are the essential party starters. For hundreds of years, these zany characters have provided amusement and laughter for individuals of all ages. After finding her niche in child comedy and storytelling, Cinnamon The Clown decided to create Funtymes and Masquerade Informally. She is now one of the most sought after clowns in the area.

"I started off volunteering as a reader, to do character voices for a children's program on the radio," Cinnamon The Clown says. "I then met a lady who was with a clown organization and I fell in love with the idea of clowning." She eventually enrolled in clown camp and attended clown and magic conventions to study the art of entertainment. "At first, I wasn't really sure how to be a clown," she says. "So it was an ongoing process and I learned how to perform using magic tricks and interact with crowds."

Although clowning has been regarded as amusement for kids, Cinnamon The Clown believes in using the art of clowning to educate as well as entertain.

"Clowning is for the young and the young at heart," she says. "We have adults that join the ranks of professional clowning every year; they learn the make up, costuming and what it takes to be a professional clown. It's something that we all can enjoy."

-Amir Shaw, Rolling Out

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