Cynthia K. Smith-Sneed

Gospel Vocalist & Playwright


Cynthia K. Smith-Sneed, international gospel recording artist, is on a mission. This dynamic and enchanting vocal artist, is originally from San Francisco, California, but has performed in Italy, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam and other fine arts venues.

Cynthia began her performance career at church and school at an early age. At that time, it was discovered that her melodious voice inspired tears in the eyes of some; rejoicing in the hearts of others.

Once young Cynthia realized the effect her voice had on listeners, she dedicated it --and her talents as a song writer and minister-- to the service of God.

Cynthia K. Smith-Sneed ‘s presentations are perfect for churches, schools, parties, banquets
or special events.


· Gospel recording artist

· Inspirational Songwriter

· Motivational Speaker

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Two of Cynthia’s album releases are “Freedom” and “S.U.G.A.”