Bill Milligan

“The Electric Poet Unplugged”


Bill Milligan is a story teller poet. A former member of Sudan Arts Southwest, a 70's guerilla theatre and performing poetry troupe, Mr. Milligan's images expose life like a photographic images of  black and white.

From conversations with a preteen to comments on Iraq to the eloquent appreciation for the beauty of a woman walking down the street, Milligan's style is distinctively his own. His voice is quiet causing listeners to lean forward and sit on the edge of their seats so as not to miss a word or nuance. The subjects of his writings are as varied as his exposures.

Each poem is composed to highlight, within each word-portrait, at least three elements; humor, spirituality and black consciousness.

Bill MIlligan reading “Them There Eyes”

A poem about  the tragic irony of American

prisoner abuse in Iraq