Steel Drum Player, Composer, Conductor, 
Instructor, Magician & Portrait Artist

Experience “Liquid Steel Drums” in the enchanting sounds of...

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“Portraits of a People”
Art Exhibit



Romantic, pop, jazz, showtunes, R&B Motown,
Oldies, Reggae plus traditional Island Pan music! 
“...a velvet voice with 6 magic mallets...”

“Shinar is in a Class All By Himself...

..his expressive voice and the “liquid” sound resulting from using six mallets
takes steel drum music to the next level.”

SIX Mallets Instead of Two!

Most steel drummers play with only 2 mallets, but Shinar is the only known performer in the world that simultaneously sings and accompanies himself on steel drums using, not two, but SIX mallets...hence creating his signature “liquid” steel harmonic vibrations!

See Shinar’s new Music Video

“Yah Make Me Blue”

Emaniah Shinar  is perfect as a solo or combo for clubs, coffeehouse sets, schools, parties, banquets or special events.

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The Enchanting Island Sounds of Shinar....

Shinar brings his world to you.... Experience the  liquid melody in the sounds of Steel Drums.  "Beating Pan"--as the Islanders of Trinidad call it--is the newest musical experience of our time. To Emaniah, the playing of these enchanting instruments comes naturally.  

Shinar is in a class all by himself.   He is the only known performer that simultaneously sings and accompanies himself on steel drums using six mallets.  Here is a 5 minute demo of island music....

Live Performance at the Artery

Emaniah Shinar’s

Portraits of a People

Shinar is also an accomplished Historical,
Portrait  and Graphic Artist....

Solo or with his band...this is an event planner's dream..."a real Showstopper!"

Solo Performance at a

Garden Party

Shinar’s Promotional Performance Flyers :

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Whether commanding the stage as a one man band... in ensemble with other steel drummers, or performing romantic jazz, showtunes and oldies with backed by musicians in a more traditional sax, bass, drums band--you can send him anywhere, put him in any venue and he will make it magical!


Holiday Concert

with a 6 piece band at Memorial Hospital...


Jazz Band Concert at Miller Theatre’s Artist Pavilian


Yah Make Me Blue CD!.....only $15

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