Swingout USA

with Fanci Dancer and Mr.  Smooth

Experience the rediscovered art  of  American Dance with these professional performers / instructors!


“Mr. Smooth”

Lee “Mr. Smooth” Perry came from a dancing family where his father,  John Perry, taught his children the art of dance.  Lee’s brother, Phillip Perry, became a Hollywood performer, appearing on American Band Stand--eventually named the #1 tap dancer in the nation.  

His sister, Margaret, a well-known tap dancer in Houston. Influenced Lee to begin seriously dancing at the age of 12.  Lee practice by hanging onto a door knob or a bed post--a method of learning to dance when no partner is present.

Mr. Smooth began teaching professionally in 2000.  When he’s in the zone you can find him doing his signature triple turns, mid-air jumps, open leg splits, lifting and leaning Ms. Fanci` Dancer.

A native Houstonian, he is a graduate of the University of Houston; founding member and current president of the HTown Swingout & 2- Step Social Club; humanitarian, Entrepreneur for over 35 years and independent oil and gas auditor, public speaker and author of 3 books (The Good Ole Boys in Oil & Gas).

You can always recognize Mr. Smooth by his signature black hat, form fitting slacks and shiny shoes.

“Fanci Dancer”

Deborah “Fanci` Dancer” Wilkerson stands 5′ 7 tall, a diva blessed with long legs and a wonderful Dance teacher --who later became her dancing and business partner: Lee “Mr. Smooth” Perry. 

Lee trained Fanci’ in the Art of Houston Swingout & 2-Step and other dance disciplines.

This native of Houston, Texas, attended University of Houston, creating 2 Community Youth Dance Programs volunteering at different schools, fundraisers, etc.  Since then the two have been founding members of the HTown Swingout & 2-Step Social Club booked as Guest Instructors at various dance events across the United States.

As Instructor and owner of The Best of Swingout & 2-Step Dance Studio, Fanci is an excellent beginners Instructor priding herself on making sure each person who takes instruction from her has the "Originial Authentic" dance steps, that they have been properly learned and that they leave the class actually dancing. 

Ms. Fanci` has grace, class, style and elegance when dancing. Everybody calls her Ms. Fanci`.


Video coming soon!

Dance Party Event Planners, Instructors, Competitor & Choreographers with a broad repertoire in dance styles: the Texas Swingout, Creole Zydeco, Country Western, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha, Motown Cha Cha, Tango, Jive,, Chicago Steppin, Whip or Hand-dance, Bop, Hustle...and more!.

Testimonials to Fanci Dancer and Mr. Smooth:

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for inviting me to the class and for making me feel so welcome. I always thought that I did not quite fit in anywhere until I joined this class. EVERYONE is so friendly, and I just love to dance and talk with all my new friends.  I am slowly leaving my shell behind, and getting some great exercise in the process. I look forward to participating in all classes and seeing everyone in and out of the studio.   Thanks again,    Pat

  2. Although I danced in Michigan as a very young women, which was about 20 years ago, it has been a learning experience to learn the Texas style.   I had forgotten how much fun it is to dance.   Not only has the dancing been a joy, I have met many wonderful people.   The added bonus is the loss of weight.   It is hard to believe that this coming April I have been dancing with The Best of Swingout & 2-Step for one year.   Kudos to my classmates. --Traveling

Let’s Dance!

Now booking events for

  1. Corporate events

  2. Private Instruction

  3. Marriage Ministry activity

  4. Open House, Cruise Lines

  5. Church group - Singles or Couples

  6. Anniversary, Reunion (class or family)

  7. Weddings - Rehearsal Dinner, Bridal Shower

  8. Television, Magazine, Conventions, Telethons, Commercials

  9. Educational Presentations (Elementary, High School, College/Universities). 

  10. Set up a dance program at your school, Community Centers, Fundraisers.

  11. Group Workshops (provides excellent opportunity to meet new people,
    socialize, make professional contacts, locate dance partners and get health while learning to dance).

  12. Demonstrations, Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Opening Act, Nightclub Promotions,

  13. Parties - Private, Christmas, Birthdays, Graduation, Prom, Gala, Balls, 

  14. Customer Appreciation, Client Appreciation, Corporate

Swingout USA:

The best of Swingout and 2-Step with “Fanci Dancer” and “Mr. Smooth”.

Experience the rediscovered art  of  American Dance with avid performers and instructors!

Dance Party Instructors  with a broad repertoire of dance styles: the Houston, Beaumont, Dallas & Austin Swingout, Creole Zydeco, Country Western, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha, Motown Cha Cha, Tango, Jive, Chicago Steppin, Whip or Hand-dance, Bop, Hustle...and more!