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Alafia Gaidi, lead percussionist and singer for the award-winning group D.R.UM. was recently named the Ananse Storyteller of the Year. The program incorporates stories and games involving African drums and various percussive instruments of Africa.


In this program Alafia transforms into the famous bronco buster Bill Pickett--the man who invented the art of bulldogging a steer. Audiences learn a song of the old west and what it was like being a cowboy over 100 years ago.


“The Electric Poet, Unplugged”

Bill Milligan is a story teller poet. A former member of Sudan Arts Southwest, a 70's guerilla theatre and performing poetry troupe, Mr. Milligan's style is distinctive and quiet , causing listeners to lean forward and sit on the edge of their seats to catch every word or nuance. The subjects of his writings are as varied as his exposures.  Each poem is composed to highlight, within a word-portrait with at least three elements; humor, spirituality and consciousness.

Martin Luther King:  We’re Moving On

Experience dynamic excerpts from the speeches of  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   

This powerful performance takes the audience on an exciting journey back to the life and times of one of America's most couragous heroes.  Dr. Jackson has toured internationally  with the award-winning play, “Diary of Black Men.”  Jackson is a familiar face in TV commercials and was a featured actor on the TV series, Walker Texas Ranger.


"ELLA & SARAH"    

"A time trip to jazz diva heaven with a simply gorgeous voice!"

This finalist for “Showtime at the Apollo” and NBC's "Gimme the Mic" shares a program honoring Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn. Cassandra melodious voice chronicles the vocal stylings of these ladies of jazz while telling the stories of their rise to stardom.


“Cinnamon’s Magic Pirate Show”

“Cat in the Hat Tales & Funtymes”

& "Don’t Clown Around With Drugs"


This extremely talented performing
artist has a variety of characters and costumes--from a Fairy Princess to a pirate or even an Elf! 

Balloon art and face painting are her party specialties.  “

“Magical” self esteem, positive values, anti-drug presentations and other “edutainment” themes, may be  requested incorporated into her fun.

by request


"Plantation Spirituals"

Cynthia K. Smith-Sneed, gospel singer and composer shares the music of the American slaves while telling the story of how that music was used to help runaways find their freedom.  She has performed in Italy, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam and other venues.


Gerrá Gistand has commanded the spotlight since she learned how to stand.

An honor student, Gerra offers encouraging oratory, spirituals and patriotic songs to her audiences, performing the American National Anthem  at games for the Astros, Rockets and on television numerous times. She is recently featured in “Momma,” a made for TV documentary.


Zydeco Blues”

Known as the “Texas Prince of Zydeco,” JABO's mixture of  the soul of Blues with the foot tapping rhythms of Zydeco, has made him a force to be recognized in both genres of music! This "squeezebox" player is not only a master accordionist, but a talented singer and consumate band leader.

In this program he shares the magic of the accordian and offers samples of “ZydeBlues”  --Zydeco and Blues music.

Music of the Mind”

A composer and concert pianist whose fluid interpretations class up concerts receptions and special events!

Degreed in piano performance--Janie’s musical selections range from Bach to Basie--showtunes, jazz and classical music blend to take the audience on a musical journey they won’t soon forget!. Janie is available as a solo piano, with an ensemble or with Kijana Wiseman


Rainbow Colored Sounds

Jawad's voice is warm and entertaining, as he sings songs of last century's classic jazz and blues artists with a mellow "laid back" voice that is beautifully smooth and precise. His offerings are eclectic and his sound is memorable JAWAD has opened for or performed with Dizzy Gillespie, Gerald Albright, Alex Bugnon, The Manhattans and others. His musical style caresses the ears and lightens the hearts of all cultures. He is available as a solo artist, duo or trio...CD: Collected  Soul


Joe is perfect for clubs, coffeehouse sets, parties, banquets or special events.  Joe averages over 150 concerts a year!  His Scott Gertner's Skybar happy Hour set was distinguished as the longest happy hour gig in Houston! Joe is available solo (or as a ensemble) for select gigs.  Call for a quote.



Joe is perfect for clubs, coffeehouse sets, parties, banquets or special events.  Joe averages over 150 concerts a year!  His Scott Gertner's Skybar happy Hour set was distinguished as the longest happy hour gig in Houston! Joe is available solo (or as a ensemble) for select gigs.  Call for a quote.

“Neutral Sister”

World, Reggae & Jamaican Pop-Fusion

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, to an English father and Jamaican mother, Kyra’s unique blend of sounds tell the story of her upbringing: African intensity...a dash of british timing...mixed with the reggae heartbeats of Jamaica and seasoned with the diverse influences of American flava!


"The Griot"

As The Griot, Kijana takes audiences on a time trip to the dawn of time -- portraying an African maiden whose job it is to teach them to sing and dance with her the music of a South African Xhosa "Click" song for a wedding they will all be attending. She then takes them to America, singing Gospel then closing with the music of 20th century Jazz ladies. 

WORKSHOPS FOR TEENS AND ADULTS: " So, What Ru Doin' 'Bout th' Rest of Yr Life" and "Rebate a Date"

FOR RECEPTIONS, EVENTS AND PARTIES: "Gemini Love Songs" & "HeartSongs"


“Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder & Luther VanDross”

LaJuan Law is a singer/songwriter who has appeared on television and stages across the U.S..  In 2004, he became the first winner of KBXX’s version of American Idol. This call-back for the 2008 America‘s Got Talent  competition, performed the character of  Donny Hathaway,  as a part of the Encore Theatre’s “Divas and Daredevils” production.  LaJuan is currently working on a full-length album.


“Route 66” R&B Piano and Vocalist

Louie Carrington, internationally acclaimed jazz pianist and singer, demonstrates the music of and talks about his more than 30 years of experience performing before audiences around the world with the likes of Roberta Flack, Cannonball Adderley, Joe Cocker, Roy Hargraves, Dizzy Gillespie, Rod Steiger, Dick Gregory, Natalie Cole. and others.  A soulful stomping one-man show that will leave you popping your fingers long after the music ends!


"Ruby Do Hair"

Marie Brown is a “clean” poet who is perfect for youth or family settings.  Her “truth-choking” words address social, political, spiritual, testimonial, and comical issues. 

Poems such as “Ruby Do Hair,” Post Office,” “Idiot Splinter” and “If It’s Love,” offer both perspective and much needed advice for listeners of all ages.  Marie is available to perform her poetry with or without live musicians.


“Music Magic”

Rickey Ford, is an instant party.  A versatile musician, Rickey offers an exciting one-man show sharing his expertise in saxophone, flute, piano, clarinet, piano, oboe and vocals with everything from classical to rock, to reggae, to funk, the blues, gospel, jazz, alternative, rock, zydeco/cajun, latin jazz, country and R&B.  The audience is engendered to get up, shake a leg and rejoice in the beauty of music.


“Born by the River: The Magic of Sam Cooke”

Tony is a poet who sings.  From the reaction to his new single “Stuck in the Ghetto,”  to his the plaintive sounds of his intuitively  written “Searchin.” 

Tony’s voice is like a cross between Rod Stewart and KEM and his original music is young, up-lifting and soothing to the soul.  Capturing the likes of Sam Cook, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson, Tony employs his own style to fit his presence and personality.   



Terry has been mesmerizing audiences with his silky smooth renditions of the music of the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's, including some of the world greatest legends:   Nat King Cole, Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, Little Anthony, The Platters and Smokie Robinson.  He has opened / performed with Waymon Tisdale, Nelson Rangel, Anita Baker, Kenny Lattimore, Zapp, Smokie Robinson, Beverly Crawford and more. His golden voice has been heard on many cruise ships and he offers DJ services with his performances.


“Blues Divas”  • “How Music Began”  •  “The Gospel Truth”

Tweed is the only female who was a member of the world renown band "WAR." She has been on the cover of Billboard, Cashbox, People, Blues & Soul and Black Radio Experience.

In "BLUES DIVAS" Tweed shares the music of Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Dina Washington, Nina Simone and others.  Heart-thumping excitement in a variety of styles: jazz, rock, pop, rhythm & blues, gospel, showtunes and funk!

“THE GOSPEL TRUTH” shares favorite spirituals and popular  gospels of the American church.

Swingout USA:

The best of Swingout and 2-Step with “Fanci Dancer” and “Mr. Smooth”.

Experience the rediscovered art  of  American Dance with avid performers and instructors!

Dance Party Instructors  with a broad repertoire of dance styles: the Houston, Beaumont, Dallas & Austin Swingout, Creole Zydeco, Country Western, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha, Motown Cha Cha, Tango, Jive, Chicago Steppin, Whip or Hand-dance, Bop, Hustle...and more!



Romantic, pop, jazz, showtunes, R&B Motown,
Oldies, Reggae plus traditional Island Pan music! 
“...a velvet voice with 6 magic mallets...”

“Shinar is in a Class All By Himself...

..his expressive voice and the “liquid” sound resulting from using six mallets takes steel drum music to the next level.”

SIX Mallets Instead of Two!

Most steel drummers play with only 2 mallets, but Shinar is the only known performer in the world that simultaneously sings and accompanies himself on steel drums using, not two, but SIX mallets...hence creating his signature “liquid” steel harmonic vibrations!

Shinar is an accomplished Historical Performer, Portrait  and Graphic Artist.

(Currently travels from Atlanta TX.)